WordPress Optimized for Enterprise on AWS

Amimoto provides the perfect solution for WordPress websites, with a hosting service that offers lightning-fast speeds and the ability to scale vertically and horizontally as your business grows.

Build on AWS—the world’s leading cloud platform

Leverage Amimoto’s AWS features to enable customers to pay for only the resources they need, whenever they need them.

Unbelievably Customizable

Create a custom hosting plan tailored to your technical requirements. As your needs change, collaborate with us to add new capabilities and resources.

Unlimited Power

Unparalleled reliability and speed, thanks to the cutting-edge capabilities of the AWS Cloud and our award-winning engineers, who provide an AWS-powered WordPress hosting solution.

Minimized Costs

Reduce costs, streamline operations, and lighten the burden on your team with Managed Hosting. Our team can take care of server and WordPress management.

Effortless Auto Scaling

Manage sudden traffic spikes without any downtime. Our hosting plans can automatically scale up the number of servers used to power your website, ensuring seamless success.

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