High Performance WordPress Cloud Hosting

AWS + Nginx + WordPress + Proxy Cache

AMIMOTO WordPressStack greatly simplifies the development and management of WordPress hosting.




Amimoto WordPressStack greatly simplifies the development and management of WordPress hosting.

WordPress is a content management platform that allows users to easily publish, manage, and organize a wide variety of content on a website.
Amimoto Stack includes ready-to-run versions of WordPress. It is completely integrated and configured, so you’ll be ready to start developing your WordPress as soon as the AMI is launched onto Amazon EC2.

This is “Amimoto”.



If you prefer to host the site yourself, that’s fine! Amimoto can help optimize and scale your site.

  • US East Region instance
  • US West 1 Region instance
  • US West 2 Region instance
  • EU West Region instance
  • EU Central Region instance
  • Singapore Region instance
  • Tokyo Region instance
  • South America Region instance
  • Sydney Region instance



We have supported to develop more than 500 WordPress sites from small business to enterprise business. We also provide technical support and a hosting service by high performance cloud. Our vastly-experienced engineers would like to contribute to your business as an innovation engine.



You can use the high speed WordPress cloud very easy.




Multi instance web servers make high availability and fault tolerance systems happen.



Very powerful template

This template is very useful because the beginner can create his or her own blog easily. WordPress is not only for blog but also the site.

awesome. finely tuned just for wordpress.

I think this ami is the fastest and cheapest one to run wordpress in ones I’ve ever tried. so easy to use, just fast, snappy. I recommend it to all wp users.

WOW. That’s more like it!

I love TurnKey Linux. I really do. But after spending 3 hours last night trying to whip their WordPress appliance into shape, I gave up and expected to launch a fresh LAMP instance and install WordPress the hard way: by hand. Ugh. Then I discovered Amimoto. The reviews looked good and I browsed the price […]

Simple, Easy, Fast

This AMI is so easy and powerful!! I got little step for build up WordPress. WordPress famous 5 minutes install is more faster. Then my site and my client site is more faster than before. Thank you so much great solution


Even if it did not know AWS by beginners, it was easy, and moreover it was intelligible, and very easy-to-use.

Brilliant Stable & Maintained

I’ve been using this stack for 6 months now. Initially there was a little learning curve with the setup but now I’m flying on the command line and my website are fast! Yes you pay for software, but it’s worth it and you can get more performance out of a lower spec. 5* easy! I’ve […]


I’m not infrastructure engineer, but I can get fast WordPress and server in a few clicks. WordPress powered by AMIMOTO (HVM) can choose T2 instance. This is high-performance PVM version. AMIMOTO use NGINX Reverse Proxy, also don’t need a cache plug-in of WordPress. (Often, the cache plug-in causes trouble.) I was released from the pain […]

This isn’t so cheap but it is really good.

I have started to use AMIMOTO AMI when I took a hands-on training at a cloud service meetup. For study of web server, I use VPS, and for my clients, use AWS AMIMOTO. AMIMOTO makes it easier for me to use (WordPress?) than building it from scratch by myself, because with a few clicks it […]

What a speedy wordpress!

I want to say “Arigato” to developer of Amimoto !! And this has continued to steadily grow . I want to recommend this to other people,

It’s awesome!

Very easy to configure and the best thing about AMIMOTO HHVM is it’s WordPress-developer friendly. As a user in Europe, I am very thankful for it being available in Frankfurt region. I was worried about the performance issue and the plugins compatibility with each other. (WPML + Nginx Cache Controller) But there was no problem […]

Great performance (and support too)

Well, it finally happened! I have been long looking for the best WordPress solution that suits my site.. I started with managed hosting, but the ratio price/performance was not positive…. It was too slow and too expensive for the deal.. I needed a faster site… After long research, I found an interesting alternative (which also […]