AMIMOTO Support Chart

Our range of support services

Range of AMIMOTO Managed Hosting support services details.

Support System

Support Detail Basic
Support Hours On business days/time *1)
Incidents Unlimited
Mail Support
Night-time support
Monitoring setup
Server Resource Monitoring
Process Monitoring
Database Monitoring
Log Monitoring

*1) We correspond during our business day and business hours.

Monitoring Support

Detail Basic
Port Monitoring
URL Monitoring
Live monitoring
Traffic Monitoring (NewRelic) Optional
Server Start/Stop
Manage Disk Storages Optional
AWS Service Limit Increase Requests
F/W(Security Group)Management
Server Configuration
User Account Management

Maintenance Service

Details Basic
Patching (OS/Middleware)
Automated Backup (Snapshots)
Restoring from Backup
Middleware Version update
Vulnerability Management Optional
Alert Management
WordPress Enterprise Support Optional
WordPress Troubleshooting
WordPress Version update Support


Detail Basic
Technical Consultation
Capacity Planning
Vulnerability Notifications
Bottleneck Survey
Pride Project Management Tool: Backlog
Performance Verification

Optional services