WordPress on AWS

The world’s most popular CMS powered by world’s leading cloud perform.

Simple, Powerful, Fast

The highest performing AMIs for WordPress on Amazon Web Services, completely preconfigured and ready to run.

Optimized for WordPress

Reliable Linux web hosting environments ready-to-run with your choice of NGINX, PHP7, HHVM, Apache, and MySQL. Take full control and enjoy developer-friendly features like the AMIMOTO-CLI, WP-CLI, and Git.

Lightning Fast

Combine Reverse Proxy Cache and MySQL tuning for unmatched speed and durability of your web pages. With AMIMOTO handle more requests with less infrastructure and reduce costs.


The developer tools you know and depend on.

Version Control

Manage version control with Git or entire system backups with Snapshots on AWS.

CLI Tools

WP-CLI and AMIMOTO-CLI pre-installed to easily manage server features and WordPress sites.


Transfer, manage, and update files with end to end AES-256 encryption.

High‑Performance Caching

NGINX Reverse Proxy Cache handles many of the requests to the origin servers, reducing origin servers load, improving speed and quality of the web page.

Database Admin

Manage databases, execute management commands and other operations with phpMyAdmin.

Real Time Monitoring

With Amazon CloudWatch track and measure resources in real-time or use Monit, a small Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems.

Key Benefits

WordPress on Amazon Web Services gives you the power and flexibility of unlimited scaling, billing controls and security like no other.

Launch and Manage AMIMOTO from your personal, company, or team AWS account.

Consolidated billing, pay per hour, reserved pricing, etc.

Built by WordPress developers and Certified AWS Engineers.

Our team created AMIMOTO to power some of the world’s highest trafficked brands. If you project runs on WordPress depend on AMIMOTO to deliver.

WordPress with the security of Amazon.

Features like firewall protection, DDoS, WAF and more.