Managed WordPress Hosting

Expert service and speed you can count on.


Our team delivers a hosting architecture built for performance, durability, and security.


We maintain that infrastructure with server support, Core updates, backups, and regular security audits so you can get back to what matters.

Secure Scaling

Protect your WordPress site with included firewall, DDoS, WAF options and scale with automation to meet high-traffic demand securing your investment against downtime.


Fully-managed hosting with the developer tools you depends on.

Globally Available

Deploy in your region or use Multiple Availability Zones putting your content closer to the user.

Notifications and Alerts

Triggers events and alerts based on activity or potential threats.

Version Control

Manage version control with Git or entire system backups with Snapshots on AWS.

High‑Performance Caching

NGINX Reverse Proxy Cache handles many of the requests to the origin servers, reducing origin servers load, improving speed and quality of the web page.

Real Time Monitoring

Gain a deep understanding of your application and spot threats before it’s too late.

Database Admin

Manage databases, execute management commands and other operations with phpMyAdmin.

Key Benefits

High Performance WordPress Cloud Hosting on Amazon Web Services


You won’t have to install or migrate anything with AMIMOTO fully-managed WordPress Hosting. We’ll handle everything.

Scalable and Fault-Tolerant

Hosting architecture built to the highest possible level of performance, durability, and security that flexes to meet the high-traffic demands.

Expert Support

Our dedicated team of WordPress and AWS Certified Professionals are here to make hosting as streamlined and worry-free as possible.