AWS CloudFormation for WordPress

Simultaneously launch pre-configured EC2, RDS, Load Balancers and more.

Simple or Auto-Scaling

Unleash the power of AWS with JIN-KEI CloudFormation.

JINKEI Simple Stack

The quickest way to WordPress into CloudFormation on AWS with repeat deploys and config as code.


Combine the speed and reliability of high-end commercial databases with cost effective scaling and WordPress on AMIMOTO.


The simplest CloudFormation stack with the fusion of AMIMOTO AMI

Easy Recovery

With config as code you can recover faster or with full-automation.

Low Latency

Well-suited for high-traffic, large-scale enterprise sites.

No Extra Cost

WordPress infrastructure for enterprise built without extra fees.

Optimized for WordPress

Finely tuned by our engineers for high performance.


Preconfigured 1-click launch so you can hit the ground running.

Simple or Auto-Scaling

Automatically scaling to meet high-traffic demands.

Key Benefits

Enterprise level infrastructure is just a click away at a not so enterprise price.

1-Click CloudFormation

Simultaneously launch EC2, RDS, and Load Balancers so you can get back to your project.

Lightning Fast

Designed and developed to run WordPress on AWS combining the best of what Amazon Web Services has to offer.

Unlimited Scalability

Scale resources horizontally and vertically to deliver content across the globe with the power of AWS.

Launch Now!

Unleash the power of AWS with JIN-KEI CloudFormation.