Performance Monitoring

Server Performance Monitoring Service

NewRelic APM, the famous performance monitoring service, is implemented in AMIMOTO AMI. This tool makes monitoring servers much more easily and accurately.

To keep the servers at their best performance, the system administrator monitors it regularly and analyses what causes low performance.
Easy to use and high performance monitoring service like NewRelic APM will be a standard tool for all web services.

Performance Monitoring Tools


AMIMOTO implements performance monitoring tool, the NewRelic APM to visualise server performance applications, servers and send email alerts.

You can figure out what plugin or themes that can reduce the performance of your WordPress.


You can watch various applications’ performance information.
You can also monitor such performance with a focus on WordPress-specific themes, plugins or hooks.

Type of Hooks
Types of Hooks
Type of Functions
Types of Functions

Search Refinement
Search Refinement
Analyse the slower plugin by hours
Analyse the slower plugin by hours
Entire Application
Entire Application

Type of MySQL Queries
Types of MySQL Queries
Connections to External API
Connections to External API
Browsers’ Load time
Browsers’ Load time

Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring


Plan Essential Plan Professional Plan
Annual $2000.00/1host $4000.00/1host
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* This optional service is unavailable for micro instance because of its system limitation.
* This optional service is available for Managed Hosting.

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