Mautic Support Service

Improve and efficiently construct your marketing tool!

When you improve or construct marketing automation tool, you’ll be required with server configuration skills. You must also take into consideration the infrastructure and confidential information of users for security purposes.

Building servers for marketing campaigns and newsletters are no longer a bother. We manage these for you, prioritize security and infrastructure suited to your needs so you can concentrate on your sales.

Strengthen automation and sales capabilities

Strengthen automation and sales capabilities

We start providing Mautic support service for the company who would like to implement marketing automation tools. Mautic is cost effective and easy with planning management.

Mautic is the open source software, so its system enhancement or customization are easy. It’s an effective tool for your marketing activities, efficient for your business, and leads to high productivity.


Right tool for engaging customers
Capture clients and engage users with your email campaigns. Place contacts in organized lists and create tags for easy management. You can also view your leads’ history, activities and interactions with your mail.
Easy to use
It is very easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly interface.
AWS cloud security
We provide tools and features for security, such as network security, setting management, access control and data encryption, to achieve optimum security.
Cost effective
No more expensive infrastructure to fill the compliance of security policy.

Friendly for Beginner Users
Only a few minutes to build servers, e-mail magazine promos or newsletter server.

What you can do with Mautic

Mail marketing
Mail marketing

We setup Mautic and e-mail magazine server using Amazon SES to deliver e-mail magazines or promos to your customers.

Manage your customers’ information
Manage your customers’ information

You can capture and engage users with your email campaigns. You can create organized lists of your contacts for easy and quick management.

For campaign
For campaign

Manage or hit marketing campaign to acquire prospects. You can use it for business inquiries.

Social Media-Friendly
Social Media-Friendly

You can deliver customer-oriented mail through Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Easy form building
Easy form building

Build forms with ease using Mautic, and acquire more customers.

Report and analyse
Report and analyse

Display large amounts of data obtained from sales activities and marketing activities to help your marketing.


Plan Light plan Basic plan Premium plan
Setup fee *1 $1000.00 $1000.00 $1000.00
monthly fee $300.00 $600.00 $1200.00
Outgoing mail per month 100,000 mails 500,000 mails 1,000,000 mails

*1 Mautic support: Mautic servers / Mautic installation / SES setting up / Mautic hosting

Getting started

  • Please apply using the form below.
  • We’ll contact you about the initial costs, etc.
  • We’ll do initial set up for Mautic the marketing automation tool after initial cost settlement.
  • We’ll send you the account information for Mautic marketing automation tool

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