CloudFormation JIN-KEI

Easy WordPress environment in a few clicks!

Do you want to set up WordPress on AWS complete with RDS, CloudFront and AutoScale, but it’s time consuming and hard to do?
Try JIN-KEI CloudFormation where you can quickly set up WordPress with necessary AWS tools in just a few clicks.

CloudFormation JIN-KEI: Introduction

AMIMOTO Simple Stack
AMIMOTO Simple Stack

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AMIMOTO AutoScale Stack
AMIMOTO AutoScale Stack

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No extra cost
No additional fees on AWS service fee. You can build WordPress infrastructure for enterprise without extra fees.
User-friendly setup
Build infrastructure for bigger sites with less typing and a few clicks.

WordPress-oriented infrastructure templates
Make WordPress faster, easier and no failure with AWS.
Convenient pre-installed plugins
A dedicated program is needed to operate WordPress as part of AWS services. CloudFormation is already pre-installed for your convenience.