Feel the revolutionary power of CDN!

CDN makes your WordPress deliver fast contents even with the same resources and machine specification.

It copies your content and deliver them to end users using global network distributed in locations around the world such as USA (20), South America (1), Asia (10), Australia (1) and Europe (14), and delivers static files like CSS, JavaScript and graphics much faster.


Fully-customised CDN for WordPress
You may set different cache expiration for WordPress dashboard, media files, or other pages.
We provide CDN with optimized cache settings for different operational experiences in AMIMOTO Managed Hosting.
Using cache control plugin, you can control CDN cache settings easily.
Scalable and high fault tolerance
The CDN service is powered by AWS CloudFront.
CloudFront has high fault tolerance and high scalability; delivering contents with less delay in access from around the world is possible through worldwide cache server.

With a straightforward billing & accounting, budget recording is easy!
Many people think that budget recording is difficult for its pay-per-use charge system. However, this CDN optional service provides accounting where you can manage and make budget and settlement easy.

Best for mobile connections
There are millions of smartphone users globally, yet the connection is not so fast.
The number of iPhone or iPad retina display users are increasing. Using CDN, high resolution display and content are delivered quickly at high quality.

Parallel downloads
The browser can download only a few files from single domain at same time, but CDN allows the browser to download files from other domains, so it can download many files in parallel where visitors may feel the big difference in speed of content downloads.
Optimised cache control
We’ll set optimised cache expiration for static contents that lowers bloated communication and optimise content delivery.

Reducing access to the original server
When the edge servers have caches of contents, client request to static files or content will not only reduce origin server load, but also its network traffic load! The original server can focus much more in other processes.
WordPress sets and puts some Cookies to client when he makes access to the server. It also downloads static files or contents. CDN reduces uploading Cookie data because CSS, JS or graphics will be delivered domains other than your own. e.g. If you place 20 graphics on a page, CDN will be able to reduce up to 100KB data communication.

High Reliability
No dead links for CSS or graphics. The edge location servers are placed worldwide with multiplexing.

Architecture (sample)

  • cdn1-ELB-EC2_1-RSD-S3-CloudFront
  • cdn2-ELB-EC2_2-RSD-S3-CloudFront


Amounts of Transfer 100GB 200GB 500GB 1TB 3TB 5TB 10TB 10TB or more
Monthly fee $50.00 $100.00 $200.00 $300.00 $600.00 $800.00 $1200.00 Contact sales

Getting Started

  • Please apply using the form below.
  • We’ll contact you about the initial costs and etc.
  • We’ll setup CDN after the settlement.
  • We’ll send you the account and setting information for your CDN after setups are completed.
  • Please setup WordPress with CDN.

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