WooCommerce Hosting Plan

Are you worried about your eCommerce site performance?

We offer full cloud infrastructure utilizing high performance AMIMOTO AMI server and AWS platform.

Boost your eCommerce site flexibility with the cloud

Cloud server and WordPress allows you to easily and safely operate eCommerce websites

 Infrastructure operation cost is reduced based on the number of access

Reduce infrastructure and operation costs based on the number of access.

In eCommerce sites, the number of access varies greatly depending on the season, event, time and promotional campaigns. In the cloud, you may continue to operate your site at minimal infrastructure costs.

When your site access is low, you may downgrade your plan to save costs. When you launch a new product and expecting increase in access, you can upgrade your plan to strengthen the infrastructure to maintain performance. Daily change of hosting plans is allowed.

It’s easy to correspond in the event of increased access during TV or magazine sales

Easily correspond to the steep increase of access, such as your promo sales shown on TV or published in magazines.

On high demand, you may upgrade your hosting plan to strengthen your infrastructure and accommodate high traffic. This way, your site won’t slow down or experience downtime during your sale campaigns.

We perform daily plan upgrades, configure one or more servers during our business hours (M-F 10am – 7pm JST). Feel free to contact us!

Easy to customize your site and add any features

It’s easy to customize your site and add any functionalities

You don’t have to develop a function each time you’d like to add a new site feature. Simply choose from hundreds of easy to add WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins.

Personalize your site and change it to the style suited to your business.

With WP-CLI and Git, your WordPress site is even easier to operate.


No initial cost
There is no charge for initial installation and configuration. SSL setup is included.
Stabilize your business cost
Our managed hosting is flat rate, not pay-as-you-go, so you can use it without the anxiety of tracking usage fees.

Daily plan change is available.

Periodical backup
We backup databases, servers and file storage automatically and periodically. If server failure or malicious attacks occur to your server, we can easily restore it.
For every account, we build a dedicated server, so when attacks occur to other accounts, you won’t be affected.
The Dedicated Control Panel
Start and stop instances, create snapshots, check server status (CPU, network stats) through the dedicated control panel.
Responsively designed, you can manage your servers in any device you prefer.

Plugins & Themes
WordPress powered by AMIMOTO comes with WordPress plugins – already pre-installed for top performance, speed and security.

WooCommerce plugins and themes are also installed so you can easily operate your e-commerce site.

SSL digital certificate & HTTP2
SSL helps you keep your customers’ transactions secure with strong encryption, and you’ll speed through enrolment with automated domain control validation. We keep our costs down and pass the savings onto you.

By adopting HTTP/2 multiplexing feature, site display speed is significantly improved.

Ultra speedy search engine service
Elasticommerce Services Option

It provides the ability to replace the default search function of AMIMOTO + WooCommerce to full-text search engine through the open source Elasticsearch that improves the accuracy of search functions.
To view the conversion result of the search results and product purchased by monitoring function, you can tune the search results based on it from the user control panel. Search results tuning function and monitoring functions of eCommerce sites will be able to turn PDCA for conversion and achievement rate is improved.

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High performance engine service recommendation
Elasticommerce Services Option

Using the data of a high performance search engine service, it provides more high performance products recommendation function.

Since it may be applied even to blog posts, the CVR of related products are enhanced by operating in combination with a robust search engine service, it is possible to increase the average spending per customer.

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Basic architecture plan

  • basic1-ELB+EC2_1+RDS+S3
  • basic2-ELB+EC2_2+RDS+S3


Basic Plan Prices

Basic Plan Woo-Micro Woo-Small Woo-Medium Woo-Large
EC2 c4.large * 1 c4.xlarge * 1 c4.xlarge * 2 c4.xlarge * 2
RDS db.m4.large db.m4.xlarge db.m4.xlarge db.m4.2xlarge
RDS AZ Single AZ Single AZ Single AZ Single AZ
S3 100GB / 10 Million requests 300GB / 10 Million requests 500GB / 20 Million requests 1TB / 30 Million requests
Monthly fee (US$) $900.00 $1300.00 $1750.00 $3450.00

Reverse Proxy : Nginx | Backend server : Apache | PHP : PHP7 | HTTP : HTTP2 | DB Engine : Maria DB (RDS)

Amazon RDS Multi-AZ Deployment Optional Plan

  • rds1-ELB+EC2_1+RDS(MultiAZ)+S3
  • rds2-ELB+EC2_2+RDS(MultiAZ)+S3


Amazon RDS Multi-AZ Deployment Optional Plan Prices

Plan Woo-Micro Woo-Small Woo-Medium Woo-Large
Instance size db.m4.large db.m4.xlarge db.m4.xlarge db.m4.2xlarge
Monthly fee (US$) $840.00 $1680.00 $1680.00 $3350.00

CDN Optional Plan

  • cdn1-ELB+EC2_1+RSD+S3+CloudFront
  • cdn2-ELB+EC2_2+RSD+S3+CloudFront


CDN Optinal Plan Prices

Traffic 100GB 200GB 500GB 1TB 3TB 5TB 10TB 10TB+
Monthly fee (US$) $50.00 $100.00 $200.00 $300.00 $600.00 $800.00 $1,200.00 Contact us


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