Enterprise Hosting Solutions

Auto scale hosting meets professional support

The AMIMOTO enterprise architecture delivers efficiently high performance that withstand rapid access increase or unexpected failure.
You can operate “flexible”, “fast” and “safe” WordPress websites, taking full advantage of the service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our engineers who are AWS certified professionals with years of WordPress experience are in charge of our code review service, server management, support for the regular version up WordPress and offers technical support in one-stop.

High performance and high fault tolerance architecture

On enterprise hosting plan, we provide the server architecture below:
Our server architecture have high redundancy and can scale the server to the optimal scale in the auto-configuration depending on the CPU load.

  • enterprise-cdp


Basic Plan
We build AMIMOTO Enterprise server on your AWS account and support WordPress operation.
You’ll receive your monthly bill with operation fees.


Plan Basic Plan *1)
Setup fee $3,000
Code Review fee $8,000 *2)
Server Maintenance Fee (monthly) 10% of AWS service charge *3)
WordPress Support fee (monthly) 20% of AWS service charge *4)
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*1 AWS account: to support you, we will use IAM role account to access your AWS service.
*2 Initial costs does not included fixing works after reviewing.
*3 As a standard, if AWS usage charge is less than $5000.00/mo, we will charge you $500.00/mo.
*4 As a standard, if AWS usage charge is less than $5000.00/mo, we will charge you $1000.00/mo.

Professional Engineers’ Code review

When initial setup our experienced staff reviews the program code.

We can check troubles or security issues which had never found in the code, you can operate WordPress website more safely.

We will refuse request in such cases:

  • We found some changes on WordPress’ core source code.
  • Two generation older WordPress than the latest.
  • We deemed it complicated to operate on AWS.
  • Our engineers deemed the enforcement of the code review to be inappropriate.

Getting supported

  • Please apply using the form below.
  • We’ll contact you about the initial costs, etc.
  • We’ll do code review for your WordPress after initial cost settlement. (We assume that resolving problems is necessary condition of the contract, depending on a review result.)
  • We’ll setup your account
  • For Basic Plan, please create IAM role for us to access all services that WordPress use and access to payment information.
  • for Agency Plan, we’ll migrate your WordPress to our AWS server.
  • Starting operation of enterprise hosting.


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