Single Instance Plan

High speed instance in the cloud – safe in our hands.

  • Initial cost $0
  • Assumed PV 100,000 PV/mo
  • HDD(EBS) 30GB(SSD)
  • WP installation 3 installs
$30 /mo

Multi Instance Plan

The most innovative managed WordPress hosting with high availability and fault tolerance systems your large-scale sites deserve.

  • Initial cost $0
  • Assumed PV 3 Million PV/mo
  • HDD(EBS) 30GB(SSD)
  • WP installation 5 installs
$800 /mo

Enterprise Hosting Solutions

Highly scalable WordPress hosting to meet all traffic demands your enterprise needs.

AMIMOTO Enterprise Hosting architecture is tailored for enterprise use with high performance, high fault-tolerance systems for unexpected traffic surge.

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WooCommerce Hosting

The best WooCommerce hosting in AWS.

WooCommerce Hosting utilizes high performance AMIMOTO AMI server & AWS platform for boosting your eCommerce site flexibility.

$900 /mo

WooCommerce Enterprise

All-in-one eCommerce Stack for WooCommerce Enterprise.

The WooCommerce Enterprise plan allows you to centralize and simplify your eCommerce site operations and management, so you can focus more on your projects while we handle the rest.

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Managed Hosting Plans