“Ecumerun” a mail distribution system that you can use from 500 yen

Both of Initial and monthly fees are free. You can use it from ¥500 per a use.
Only select, drag and drop an Excel file containing an e-mail address onto the browser screen, and then you can send the e-mail by simply entering the subject and body etc.


Why did you choose Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan?


We used it in another project. We never have problems at introduction and operation with it. The server is so durable when it has heavy traffics. Also, we have nothing to worry about regarding cost as well.

How did you know about the Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan?

We found it while looking for the AMI of configured WordPress at AWS Marketplace.

Why did you decide to use Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan?

The reason for adopting amimoto is the ease of installation and the speed of response (displaying web pages). I think it’s hard to realise these with general rental servers.


Getting Started with the Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan (when migrating) or were there any anxiety?

Getting Started with the Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan (when migrating) or were there any anxiety?

We have few experiences to build servers, but thanks to the documents, tip and FAQs published by AMIMOTO officially, we have no worry about building server. AMIMOTO has released tonnes of FAQ, document and tips; and the followers has also issued their tips and how-tos in their blogs, these are helpful too.

How is support and performance of Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan?

We were content with the real server performance! When we had a chance to ask our problems, help desk had answered it within a day.
AMIMOTO Self hosting is the excellent service because we can set up, run and operate the server without asking any questions or how-tos to support desk.

For what kind of site do you use Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan?

We run our branding “Ecumerun” on it.

We’re using WordPress for introducing, adding and updating sample emails collections.
We hard predict the number of accesses due to unexpected access to this collection of example sentences and the occasional large-scale advertisement measures, so I think that a network that enhances availability is essential.

Benefits and Future / Impact of AMIMOTO

What are the good points of using AMI Amimoto self-hosting plan?

We can easily to use well-tuned WordPress and ultra-fast server responses. We were content with them. The bundled plugins are working good.

Do you have any advice to those who will use the Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan?

AMIMOTO AMI is straightforward and fast enough. If you can adjust company’s budget, we are firmly recommend combining CloudFront (CDN) on the AWS to AMIMOTO AMI. The CDN can make your site faster response and more secure with a few costs and steps.
CloudFront will also block DDoS attacks if it does not cache your contents.

※ Ecumerun also use AWS in its backend

Please tell us if you have any request for the Amimoto AMI self-hosting plan.

Request? We have no request for AMIMOTO AMI, but we’d like to say is when we had a chance to use WordPress for our service or client, we will set up AMIMOTO AMI again. Thanks for great product!