We’re website production company based on Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture.
We consistently support to operational aspects from the production of various industries of websites (150 or more companies).

Circumstances that you were supposed to use the AMIMOTO AMI

Why did you choose the AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

I think it is a reliable service, when I talked engineer of the DigitalCube in face-to-face.


Where did you hear about our AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

We’ve met an Engineer of DigitalCube at an event of WordPress and heard about its hosting service.


Did you have any anxiety starting to use or migrate to AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

No. We feel so safe because they have lots of achievements.


How do you think server performance and support of AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

Server is very stable. They respond quickly and politely our problems or questions.


Could you tell us — as much as is possible now– about kind of websites or projects on the AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

We use AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting for a website which has 2 million PV in a month.

Benefits and Future Developments

Could you tell us about merits for using AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

Extremely fast and reliable server.


Could you tell us about merits for using CDN?

We start using CDN plan in order to respond to the server down due to the increase of temporary access.
They taught and explain us about the plan and CDN its self. It was easy to understand.
CDN gives WordPress much stable and much faster.

CDN Opition Plan


Do you have any comment or advice to readers who are planning to use AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

Not only they have stable and quick response server environment, but also they have best support team.
No worry about AMIMOTO AMI, just ask “hi, I’m planning to move my WordPress to AMIMOTO AMI” to support team.


Could you tell us any request for AMIMOTO AMI Managed Hosting?

Please give us notice if you start new services.
Thank you in advance.