Asaco Kitchen

Delicious rice that you can enjoy in every meal.


Why did you choose AMIMOTO Managed Hosting?

At the time, I wanted to boost the server by migrating to AWS, but I was worried since AWS is a server for professionals. I chose AMIMOTO because I can use it as a rental server.

Where did you hear about AMIMOTO Managed Hosting?

From DigitalCube staff’s Facebook posts.

When did you decide to use AMIMOTO Managed Hosting?

When I learned that AMIMOTO can be used as a rental server.


Before getting started or migrating with the AMIMOTO Managed Hosting, what were you worried about?

I was worried about WordPress plugins and migrating, but we were able to migrate successfully without any problems.

How is the support and performance of AMIMOTO Managed Hosting?

We are very pleased since we were answered politely regarding our several questions on server specs, etc.

How do you use AMIMOTO Managed Hosting in your projects?

We use it on a recipe site,

Benefits / Future Developments

What is good in AMIMOTO Managed Hosting?

Before AMIMOTO, server downtime was frequent, but after using it we did not even experience downtime even once.

Do you have any advice to those who will be using Amimoto Managed Hosting?

If you are interested in AWS but you feel it is difficult, I recommend AMIMOTO.

Do you have any requests for AMIMOTO Managed Hosting?

None so far, we are very happy about it.